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Spiritual Mastery by Becoming Christ-Like

Mastering the different disciplines of spirituality is a believer's objective, and bearing the fruits confirm a believer's spirtual mastery. There is no doubt about this truth for to bear the fruits of Holy Spirit is biblical. The secret however,to learning all spirtual disciplines and to bearing the fruits- is to become like the Master and Giver of these gifts.

Spiritual Mastery will become more powerful and meaningful if a believer knows that becoming like Chirst is the primary requirement, which is the standard that must be kept in Christian life. Jesus Christ came down from heaven to be the sacrificial lamp to show the way for all believer must traverse.

I have come that they may have life, and have it to be the full.(John 10.10)

Jesus said that he came to give life,and it is not just a simple life-but a life that is full.The only way to experience and enjoy this kind of life is to follow the path of Spiritual that Jesus took in his eartly life.Just like Jesus,all believers are called children of good.One way to tell if individuals are good children is through the evident manifestion of the future of the holy spirit.There is no way of changing this fact.

Jesus had already won the battle for the believers, what they only need to do is to have faith and to follow in obediencet to his world.

If you know that he is righteous,you know that everyone who does what is right has been born of Him (1 John 2.29).

To live like Christ and to be Christ-like may seem very difficult,especially if one has to think of one's wants, dream and desitres. It is a like giving them up for what Christ wants for one's life. To individulas who think way it is definitely difficult.This why an individual continues to live the life he wants only to find out that his life may end up with too many disappointments,frustations and misery.The life therefore,that one thought to be easy and happy is totally in contrast to his expectations.

Jesus as a spiritual coach has this to say about living the life taht he lived.